Norwich Arts Centre

To Norwich. At Liverpool Street we’re approached by a young lady who just wanted to say how gcool Mark (Woodpigeon’s) tie is. We see her again when we get off the train in East Anglia and tell her about the gig – but shes off to some dance event which is part of the Norwich and Norfolk Festival. Our taxi driver then drops us off at the wrong church (apparently there are more churches per square mile in Norwich than anywhere else in the UK) – but the 300 yard walk to the venue is fun – past several music and vinyl shops.

The company find some Ronald Macdonald shoes for Murray (he has a Ronald McDonald piece). He firmly – but politely- declines the opportunity to purchase them!

Norwich Arts Centre is beautiful and welcoming. Bradley and his team make us feel at home immediately and it seems that nothing is too much to ask. The space is wonderful, the food and hospitality spot on. The kit is great too – Julian our permanently effervescent Technician has a field day – and the resulting sound is beautiful. Its just a shame about the low audience (the event appears to have been swamped by the Norwich and Norfolk festival) – and the fact that this evening they seem pretty lifeless. It’s a great show again though – seems to be getting better every night.


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