Into London

Its a tricky day today. Our venue is Cross Kings – just up the road from Kings Cross and Kings Place. A music venue it still has a sense of hostel about it. There are two rooms – we’re upstairs in the slightly awkwardly L shaped space which apparently fits 200. With guests and artists we’re effectively sold out.

Technical problems though return to haunt us. Whilst I’m away trying to do some DIY the team are struggling with a sound desk and a dodgy set of monitors. Everything is running late and tension is high – this is an important gig for everyone.

The show turns out to be very different to Bracknall. Its a different type of crowd in a different type of venue. Throughout there is a low rumble of conversation, the sound is a long way from perfect and towards the end there is sound bleed from the jesters bar below.

But everyone pulls out the stops. Murray silences the crowd and goes down a real storm. . His Newlyn piece performed with Janie Armour has real brooding strength. Its a rough edged diamond which contrasts fiercely with his more well known pieces. Both Woodpigeon and Aoife and Jainey soar above the afternoons sound problems and Mark n Mixy play to whoops of delight. The crowd want more from Woodpigeon but there just isn’t time..


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