The Laughing Buddah

Its amazing how the several bottles of wine and good food consumed on Wednesday night (at the Laughing Budda, Lincoln) eased away the stress of a long travel day.

With all the company safely arrived Thursday morning saw us set to work on the final performance (on the tour) of Memories.  LPAC is a new venue – predominantly designed as an end on space it has the flexibility to be turned into an open space.  We are the first company to use it in this way and as such benefit from the technical teams enthusiasm for trying things new as well as the occasional frustration.  Given our need to fire proof the fuselin material for Deleted Messages we are also trying to get ahead with the set up for DM.

Being in Lincoln for a few days has clearly helped and the company are a little more relaxed.  Our guest houses are offering a different, more personal accommodation option to the anonymity of hotels .  One – the Saville Guest House – has been described as both Fawlty Towers and quintessentially English!  Not sure what that says about the English!  However the breakfasts are universally praised!!

It’s our busiest audience of the tour to date – about 60 people who quickly fill the space.  I’m in one corner so it’s difficult to get a feel for the audience reaction though I can see one or two audience members really getting into it (one of whom came along on spec having read about it in the Guardian).  I hear one of the students to my left whisper ‘I’m lost’ and I’m dying to say ‘it doesn’t matter – just let it wash over you and take what you want from it’ – but I don’t.

Mid way through the performance – along with our Guardian reader I’m taken out by Kresimir (who as well as being one of the voices in the Croatian Shrek 2 is also the face of beer in Croatioa!).  Hidden behind a black curtain we have to repeat a text fed to us via head phones.  It’s the first time Kresimir has taken two people out and so a dialogue and inter action develops between Guardian man and myself. ‘This is very strange’ we say, ‘ we might never get out of here’…

The venue Director and Head of School is effusive after the performance and generous with his time as he joins the company for food and drink in the green room.  The performance reminds him of the early work of Robert Wilson (specifically Einstein on the Beech – with composer Philip Glass).  Later in search of a pub we could only find a Lloyds.  We quickly used up £5 worth of real ale vouchers and half the company danced the night away.   Rather unfortunately BADco have only seen the UK through the prisms of theatres, trains, hotels and the occasional bar/cafe. 


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