Exeter comes and goes in a flash!

Exeter Phoenix came and went – a curious performance to a lively audience but it lacked some of the edge of both Bath and London.  Not quite sure why – perhaps a mid tour blip, or maybe I am just getting used to the material.

I’m still finding links and ways into the performance and what makes that so exciting is that the performance absolutely stands up to repeat viewing.  At each table the experience is different – and though some elements are beginning to feel as comfortable as a well worn glove I’m still being surprised and challenged.  In no way could I explain the whole show – but in a way that’s not the point – what I take is the ‘memories’ and ‘traces’  that connect with me each night.

A fascinating post show conversation.   A colleague struggled through the performance – but as an academic – became much more intrigued having read the text provided by BADco – the very same text that we had had to adapt for marketing material and venue promotion.  What that led to was a discussion about who the audience is for BADco work.  We came up with three key areas – drama students (who can take from the BADco techniques), the (small) Live Art audience and a wider academic community who would respond to the use of text and the philosophy in the performance.  That in itself led to a discussion about whether a public facing arts centre tour was necessarily the best option for the company – or rather perhaps a more mixed programme – some public performances, daytime performances for students, conference appearances etc together with workshops and after show discussions.

One other thing that is quite clear is our schedule is too packed.  Given the constraints of the tour and the finance available it had to be like that, but the downside is a company  who are quite likely to be exhausted by the time we finish at Lincoln.  But in the current climate how would you put together a tour that financially made sense, didn’t exhaust the company but had a kind of mixed programme which maximised the impact of the company.  Answers on a post card please..

 The thinking wasn’t quite joined up last night – but I’m sure its some thoughts that will return.

So its travel day to day.  The van has left for a workshop in Leicester, and Sergej and Pravdan are en route to London for a workshop in Roehampton.  In a little over 20 minutes the rest of the company and I head over to the station for the train ride to Lincoln.



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